PQPals Constitution

The Patchwork and Quilting Pals Constitution

The Name of the club is Patchwork and Quilting Pals.


The aims of Patchwork and Quilting Pals is:

a) To promote and encourage patchwork, quilting and sewing between like minded people.

b) For members to learn from one another to improve their skills.


a) Membership of Patchwork and Quilting Pals shall be open to any interested person (subject to (b)).

b) The membership in Annual General Meeting shall have the power to limit the membership.  (Members have decided to limit membership to thirteen people for 2015/16.)


All members shall pay a yearly subscription, or make two half yearly payments to total the same agreed amount.

Annual General Meeting

a) Once each year, in the month of March, the Committee shall convene an Annual General Meeting of Patchwork and Quilting Pals, during the club meeting, whereby they:

i) Discuss the accounts and appoint auditors.

ii) Elect members of the Committee
if their term of office is finished, or they resign.

iii) Agree the membership fees for the following year.


a) The membership will elect a Chair, Treasurer, Secretary and Tea/Coffee person to carry out the running of Patchwork and Quilting Pals for a period of two years.  They shall be called the Committee.

b) The Committee, shall retire after two years at the Annual General Meeting, but will be eligible for re-election on one further occasion only.  They may come back onto the committee after the full two-year break.


a) The Treasurer shall keep account of all income and expenditure of Patchwork and Quilting Pals.

b) The Treasurer shall prepare Accounts, which shall be submitted for audit once yearly to a competent person elected at Annual General Meeting.

Alterations to the Constitution

a) Any resolution to alter this Constitution must be submitted to the membership in writing twenty-eight days before the General Meeting takes place.

b) Any such alteration must be passed by a two-thirds majority of those present and entitled to vote.

Dated 17 . 04 . 2014    


2 thoughts on “PQPals Constitution

  1. Hello once again Linda, thank you so much for your prompt reply to my earlier email. It was lovely speaking with you especially as you took the time to call whilst on a holiday break. I have already put the dates on my calender to join you all and become a member of your quilting group. I’m really looking forward to meeting yourself and all the ladies on the 21st July about 9.45am. Thank you once again, ann 🙂


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